Meet our ambassadors

Local e-bike ambassadors are ordinary Cork people from all walks of life who use electric bicycles in their daily commutes or just to get around quickly and easily.

Orla Burke, Cork

Orla Burke of Cork with her children cycling an electric cargo bicycle at the Marina in Cork.
Orla Burke from Cork with her children cycling an electric cargo bike at the Marina.

Orla Burke is a mother of two living in Cork city centre. She bought an electric cargo bicycle when she was seven months pregnant with her second child. Now she feels like she is free to travel anywhere in the city and is closer to everything around her.

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Mats Hedberg, Cork

Mats Hedberg of Cork at the top of Patrick's Hill in Cork with his electric bicycle.
Mats Hedberg from Cork with his electric bicycle at the top of St Patrick’s Hill.

Mats Hedberg bought his electric bicycle after he moved house and his commute became more difficult. For Mats, the environmental benefits are a silver lining. The real benefit is how economical and convenient it is commuting by electric bicycle.

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Siún Kearney, Cork

Siún Kearney of Cork with her grandchildren and her electric bicycle.
Siún Kearney from Cork cycling with her electric bicycle and grandchildren in Fitzgerald’s Park.

Siún Kearney loves how her electric bicycle keeps her young. She feels safe cycling in the city on a sturdy bicycle. The best part is the look of amazement on her grandchildren’s faces when she races ahead of them the hills.

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Jack Kelleher, Clonakilty

Jack Kelleher of Clonakilty, West Cork in an outdoor area with other people and his electric bicycle.
Jack Kelleher from Clonakilty his self-converted electric bicycle and some friends.

Jack Kelleher was an early experimenter with powered bicycles but wrote them off as more trouble than they were worth. Thirty years later, he’s now won over by the modern electric bicycle. It’s his main mode of transport around West Cork.

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Paddy and Anna Lane, Mallow

Paddy and Anna Lane of Mallow, Co. Cork walking with their electric bicycles in a field.
Paddy and Anna Lane from Mallow with their electric bicycles enjoying the outdoors.

Paddy and Anna Lane use their electric bicycles to explore their world together. They adventure across the hill and vales of North Cork making real quality time while they can. It’s the best money they ever spent on themselves, says Paddy.

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Conor and Cormac O’Callaghan, Kinsale

Conor O’Callaghan and his younger brother, Cormac, of Kinsale, County Cork on a country road with their electric bicycles.
Conor and Cormac O’Callaghan from Kinsale riding their electric bicycles near their home.

Cormac O’Callaghan’s electric bicycle means he can enjoy life with his friends and family. It’s an easy way to keep his muscle, heart and lung fitness, despite a degenerative condition. Cycling is a quick way to take a break from training and clear his head.

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Teresa Watkins, Youghal

Teresa Watkins of Youghal, Co. Cork with her electric bicycle in Youghal town centre.
Teresa Watkins from Youghal visiting the town centre on her electric bicycle.

Teresa Watkins does her day-to-day business on her electric bicycle. She goes shopping, visits friends – but most of all she enjoys travelling the hinterland of Youghal, being reminded that her great-grandparents cycled the same routes that she does today.

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