Siún Kearney of Cork with her grandchildren and her electric bicycle.
Siún Kearney from Cork cycling with her electric bicycle and grandchildren in Fitzgerald’s Park.

Meet Siún Kearney, retired but active from Cork. Siún replaced her old bike with an electric bicycle. She loves cycling with her grandchildren and the sense of safety the sturdiness of her electric bicycle gives.

“The look of amazement on their faces, as they see their ageing grandparents pedalling up the hills with ease!”

Siún Kearney, Cork

At our age, when you try an electric bicyle, you find it opens up many unexpected opportunities. You can exercise, socialise and explore the countryside in a healthy enjoyable way.

My greatest joy is the inter-generational cycling trips. Trying to keep up with the grandkids — and enjoying the look of amazement on their faces as they see their ageing grandparents pedalling up the hills with ease!

I love that with my electric bicycle I choose my level of exercise. Whether I am shopping, swimming or sightseeing. Knowing that the power system is there to assist me when I’m tiring, facing a headwind, or taking on an uphill challenge!

My electric bicycle is heavier than my old bike but it actually makes me feel safer. I’m more grounded and balanced.

We have enjoyed cycling holidays around Ireland with the assistance of our sturdy bicycle carrier and panniers. Exploring the highways, by-ways and greenways of the Wild Atlantic Way and beyond.

Jack Kelleher of Clonakilty, West Cork in an outdoor area with other people and his electric bicycle.
Jack Kelleher, Clonakilty
Paddy and Anna Lane of Mallow, Co. Cork walking with their electric bicycles in a field.
Paddy and Anna Lane, Mallow
Conor O’Callaghan and his younger brother, Cormac, of Kinsale, County Cork on a country road with their electric bicycles.
Conor and Cormac O’Callaghan, Kinsale