Discover the difference an electric bicycle makes

Local e-bike ambassadors are ordinary Cork people from all walks of life who use electric bicycles in their daily commutes or just to get around quickly and easily.

Easy going in the city and county

Transform your commute and everyday travel by getting an electric bicycle. The electric motor means it’s speedy. Improving cycle infrastructure will get you ahead of traffic.

You’ll be joining a community of people already loving their electric bicycles.

Save time and money everyday

An electric bicycle is low cost and high-reward. Maintaining your electric bicycle is as simple as a regular bicycle. Charging costs are just a few cents a week.

Free yourself from tax, insurance, parking fees and more.

Stay healthy and eco-friendly

It’s not only good for the environment, an electric bicycle is also good for you. You’ll get exercise without even knowing it. Cycling is good for your mental health too.

Whether your old or young, see a better side of life and while take more care of the plant.

Find an e-bike retailer*

Pssst! Before you buy, read our guide on getting an electric bike in Cork, including saving with the Cycle to Work scheme and information on finance from your local credit union.

* Are you an electric bicycle retail and want to be listed here? Email to be included.

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