Cork City Council and cycling

People outside Cork City Council offices holding a Bike Week banner.

It is exciting to be involved in this new initiative to promote the use of electric bicycles and we can already an increase of electric bicycles on the road. The increase in cycling traffic is of course a welcome addition to the city and to the various modes of transport that we use in our daily lives.

The electric bicycle for me allows a greater range of people to use cycling as a mode of transport that historically would not be considered cycling. While Cork City Council is investing almost €1.9m on improving the cycling infrastructure, which will include the installation of over four kilometres of bollards to protect cyclists.

While it is important that everyone should be aware of the increased traffic on the roads, cyclists should consider the following in keeping themselves safe on the road;

  1. Wear a helmet
  2. Wear the relevant clothing hi-viz, etc
  3. Make sure your bike is well maintained particularly brakes and tyres
  4. If cycling in poor light ensure that you have lights on your bike white on the front and red on the back.

Cork City has many areas of interest that you can cycle to and explore please click on the following link Cork Cycle Map.