Mats Hedberg of Cork at the top of Patrick's Hill in Cork with his electric bicycle.
Mats Hedberg from Cork with his electric bicycle at the top of St Patrick’s Hill.

Meet Mats Hedberg, who bought his electric bicycle when he moved house. Mats saves money and is faster to work. Even though he bought it for his commute, he now finds himself seeing more of the city.

“Even though I bought it for the commute, I now use it for leisure too. I see more of the city now than I have before.”

Mats Hedberg, Cork

I’ve had an electric bicycle for about four months now. I got it when I moved house and it was a bit more of a commute to work. It’s to get me to work and move around Cork a bit more.

There are a lot of hills in Cork and a normal bike – or really, I – wouldn’t be able to take them. It makes it easier to get to work and do it quicker. It’s really made Cork much flatter.

I didn’t really get it to be more environmentally friendly. It’s a good silver lining. Everything weighted together, I thought it would be a quicker commute and I’d get a bit of exercise too. In the end it wasn’t that hard a decision to get an electric bicycle.

There’s no petrol. Charging the battery is just a few cents. You don’t need a driver’s license. It helps to be able to park basically anywhere. That saves time in work and in town. The Cycle to Work definitely helps. I basically get nearly a grand off and pay that through my salary.

I pass buses and cars. They all get stuck eventually and I just pass them out. It’s very nice going uphill and not have to struggle like I would on a normal bike.

Even though I bought it for the commute, I now use it for leisure too. I see more of the city now than I have before.

At weekends, I visit friends. I’ve been out to Ovens and Passage West, Monkstown and Ballincollig from the city. The greenway is a very nice cycle. I usually do that once or twice a week.

Siún Kearney of Cork with her grandchildren and her electric bicycle.
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