Choosing the right electric bicycle for you

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So, you’re well on the road to being convinced that an electric bike is a great option for you? Congratulations! You’re about to make a purchase that will truly enrich your life, so now you need to get the right e-bike for your cycling and lifestyle needs.

It is important to buy your electric bike from a bike shop with good experience of selling and servicing electric bikes. Try-before-you-buy! It’s really helpful to test cycle a few models, on a hill if possible, as it’s good to feel the difference between 2-3 bikes that are suitable for you before you make your choice.

Some key things to consider and ask about are:

A wheel pump and a bicycle
A wheel pump and a bicycle.
  1. Get a bike that is the right size and type of frame for you
  2. Consider how far you want to travel on a single charge – this will determine the battery you need
  3. If you’re living in a very hilly area or wish to explore lovely quiet mountain passes, ask about the best motor for you
  4. A bike with seat and fork suspensions and a gel saddle are great comfort factors if your roads are rough
  5. Get the best bike you can afford (perhaps talk to your local Credit Union!) – one that has a good reputation and one for which you will easily be able to get parts into the future.

After buying, look after your bicycle’s maintenance and safety:

  1. Check your tyre pressure regularly and keep them pumped to the recommended pressure
  2. Have your bike serviced yearly or every 1,000km, whichever occurs soonest
  3. Make sure your lights are working properly.

E-bike adventures and routes to explore

Here is a selection of adventures and routes that await if you buy an electric bike. If you want to travel further afield, you may need a good bike carrier. Generally, because of their weight, electric bikes need a bike carrier that is attached to a towbar, especially if you are exploring as a couple and carrying two e-bikes. See ideas for places to go here.

If you need any more convincing about how wonderful e-bikes can be, these testimonials from a wide range of owners should answer many of your questions.