Frequently asked questions about electric bicycles

An electric bikes pays off quickly but right now you might have lots of questions. We’ve compiled the most common of these questions here.

Charging and battery life-cycle

A typical electric bicycles will give power assistance for around 100km on a single charge, assuming flat terrain and a moderate level of assistance.

In reality, using old motoring terms, your millage may vary. If you cycle uphill or if you set the electric bicycle to give the highest level of assistance then it may be less. If you use very little assistance or are traveling on downhill, it may be more.

An electric bicycle charges to full capacity in about 2–4 hours. This is done using a normal home connection and is just like charging a mobile phone. A typical electric bike will give power for about 100km on a full charge but your millage may vary depending on use and road conditions.

The battery of a good quality electric bicycle will typically last about 10 years before losing its capacity to hold a charge. After that it will need to be recycled properly, just like any other battery.

Then you’re going old school. Remember, an electric bicycle is an ordinary bicycle with the addition of an electric motor to assist you. If the battery runs out, you just pedal as normal. The only thing that changes is that you won’t have the benefit of the electric motor.

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